Manage Vaccine Inventory and Patient Vaccine Records

Patient Vaccine Record

VaccineXpress Patient Vaccine Record Management includes:

  • Ability to enter patients into database and schedule patients for all vaccine visits.
  • Record current and previous vaccinations into patient record.
  • Identify patients that are either behind on vaccines or need catch up doses.
  • Ability to see linkage for each vaccine lot number (list of all patients that received a lot number/shipment)
  • Continue to use your existing system/approach (e.g. either paper charts or current EMR system).
  • System recommends the vaccine that should be given to the patient based on the patient’s age and practice’s vaccination schedule.
  • Ability to print vaccine record for school or other use by patient.
  • Analytic reports to provide a projection of Vaccines needed for the next 1-4 weeks.