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Data Analytics In Vaccine Management

Anya Aggarwal, Johns Hopkins University Abstract This paper details a computational analysis of a set of HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccination data acquired from pediatric practices in various counties in the United States, within the PediatricXpress databases that are managed and housed by Physician Xpress, Inc. The data shows differences in the vaccination status (vaccinated or […]

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Vaccines – CDC Process

VaccineXpress: Installment 2 Anya Aggarwal, Johns Hopkins University The VaccineXpress articles are released as a series explaining the process by which the CDC manages distribution of vaccines through interactions with vaccine providers and a whole chain of other key players in the healthcare industry. The first installment provided a foundation by discussing the basic structure […]

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A Series on Vaccine Database Management

VaccineXpress: Installment 1 Anya Aggarwal, Johns Hopkins University Introduction: Vaccines are one of the great population Health tools developed to prevent a number of diseases.  The diseases that vaccines can prevent range from measles, mumps, polio, flu, hepatitis, to certain types of cancer.   While vaccines are great population health management tools, the management and […]

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Online Vaccine Management

Discovery and use of vaccines as a form of medical intervention to diseases has seen a number of technological transformation in vaccine inventory management. One of the major issues of interest is understanding the individual composition of such biological preparations intended for use in acquired immunity. Efficient Vaccine management is therefore vital in meeting different […]

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Vaccine Management

Benefits of Vaccine Management

Online Vaccine Management Vaccine management is clearly a task that requires special skills and utmost undivided attention. It is a work of responsibility and core etiquette that go a long way in influencing the physical condition of patients. With the advent of the internet, almost everything is becoming inclined to it with each passing day. […]

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